Mahesh Nimawat

Due to liberalization and globalization, the world scenario is changing rapidly and the Twenty First Century understandably belongs to the men and women of strength, excellence and merit. Indian boys and girls have tremendous talent, merit and potential, for growth. We at NPS provide an excellent opportunity and environment by acting as a catalyst and facilitator to develop their potential, promote their success through quality education, using appropriate tools, techniques and values that harmonize technological advancements and humanistic wisdom. Committed to nurture and cultivate creative citizens of the world who are endowed with leadership traits and coveted character qualities, the school offers a unique academic and living environment of continuous interaction and growth. The dedication and commitment of the faculty, active support and co-operation of the parents and the enthusiastic efforts of the students have made the teaching-learning process smooth and speedy. I assure both, the parents and the students, that our School is fast emerging as an excellent launching ground for their success, helping them to reach the pinnacle of glory in the rapidly developing world. Our endeavour is not to transfer the printed material from the book to the brains; our mission is to provide skills, knowledge and the environment in which our students may learn to appreciate and understand modern technology, develop strength of character, imbibe social sensitivity and a modern futuristic global outlook along with the respect for our rich cultural heritage. We have entered the new millennium with the world constantly making new and amazing strides to make the universe a better place to co-exist and flourish. Come! Join us to transform your potentialities into realities and also to fortify yourself with the required knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the competitive world. While welcoming you to this lovely and stimulating land of Fatehpur-Shehawati having a glorious history, I wish my students and staff every success and proud achievements at Nimawat Public School. It is my constant prayer to God to make your time spent in the school exceedingly rewarding, result oriented, pleasant and glorious.